[18F]How it started sex confession

So last week my brother and I were on my bed watching a movie. I was just in a t-shirt and panties and he was in boxers and a t-shirt. During the movie he got a boner. It popped out of the hole in his boxers.

I was picking in him for it and he laid on my back to tickle me. I was laying on my stomach watching the movie. He started rubbing it on my butt and asked me if that was ok. I said yeah because it felt kind of nice and naughty. He started breathing heavy and then I felt my butt get wet. He came in my panties.

I took them off to change. I was really turned on that I made him cum. I decided to just lay back down with no panties on and told him he could keep rubbing it on me if he wanted. He did and he got hard again. It felt different and way better with just skin.

My legs were spread open for him this time and eventually his dick slid down and pressed into my vagina. He kept pressing into it and it felt like a really nice shock each time. Eventually he started sliding into me. It hurt a little but felt amazing.

He wasn’t in me very long before he started cumming. But I could feel it shoot into me and it made me cum for the first time.

We have had sex at least once a day since.

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  1. It cold be better with just skin, but it’s a incest relation so I really recommend the use of condoms or any birth control, a consaguine baby can have serious issues


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