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Hi!  Thanks so much for dropping by! 

I am so pleased to announce that BAD BONES, Claire Morgan Book 7, will appear in all Books a Million Bookstores starting on June 1, 2015 and  continuing throughout the summer. 

In addition, DEVIL DEAD, Book 8, will be on sale in August 2015.  It will be followed by GONE BLACK, Book 9, which is coming out in January 2016.

I've not yet signed for more Claire Morgans, but would very much like to continue the series with Claire and Black and their hair-raising adventures.

Hope you get a chance to read them because some very exciting adventures are coming up!

I love to hear from my readers and always answer all emails and letters personally, so please drop me a note any time, either here through my website or email me at


Happy Reading!

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Book Nine

Coming in January 2016 









Coming in August 2015







Book Seven

September 2015

















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